CSA Members Page

These pages will be updated frequently with information on the vegetables, fruits, and flowers that you are currently getting in your boxes. This is where you can turn when you need or want more support to use your box to the fullest — from figuring out what this particular leafy green thing is to locating that great recipe you remember seeing two months ago.

CSA Member Resources

The current e-mail newsletter will be posted here after it goes out on Tuesday each week and will be available in the more condensed form we use for the paper newsletter as a PDF. You can download the PDF to print if you need another paper copy or share your box with a friend. These newsletters are archived if you want to find a story or recipe from a past newsletter.

What’s In The Box

We will post what’s coming in the box each week as soon as we know it (usually by Monday morning), for those of you who need to know for making your weekly shopping list even before the e-mail newsletter comes out Tuesday. Some of the vegetables you get in your box may be new to you (e.g. what is green garlic?; is this a radish or a turnip? what does arugula look like?). If so, you can look in our Veggie Picture Dictionary to figure out what’s what, and to see what kinds of varieties we grow.

Recipes From The Farm

Check our recipe section for easy reference to recipes from Chef Andrew Cohen and others that have appeared in our newsletters.


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