Here’s a salad where textures, flavors, and colors all play off one another. Even the beets join in as the different color beets are seasoned with different types of vinegar. The dressing is a light creamy (yogurt) dressing flavored with garlic chives. The flavor and aroma are redolent of garlic, but do not have the heat of clove garlic.


1 bunch arugula, large stems discarded, washed and spun dry completely*

1 bundle each golden and red beets, cleaned and trimmed, roasted separately as per the recipe for Roast Beets on the website already; except use red wine vinegar for the red beets and white balsamic vinegar for the golden beets; cut all beets into ½-inch wedges and keep separate after they are vinegared

½ cup heaping blue cheese crumbles or not-too-salty feta crumbles (try a French feta)

½ cup roasted and lightly salted pistachios or roasted unsalted, lightly crushed or medium chopped almonds

1 cup, or as needed, Creamy Garlic Chive Dressing (See recipe on website)

Salt and pepper to taste



Ensure the dressing is fairly runny, adding a few drops of water or the whey from the yogurt if need be. Put a few tablespoons into the bottom of a large non-reactive bowl, then add in the arugula, and very gently toss and turn the leaves until they are lightly coated. Place onto a platter or distribute between four chilled plates.

Add the golden beets to the bowl, lightly dress and toss to coat. Evenly scatter amongst the dressed arugula. Repeat with the red beets.

Scatter the cheese over the salad(s), then scatter with the nuts. Season with pepper and a little flaky salt if you must. Keep in mind the cheese is salty, and the pistachios, if that is what you used, are as well. If you do salt, try for something like Murray River or Maldon.

Serve the salad right away as the arugula will still to wilt from the weight of the dressing.

Chef’s Tips: *You can add other lettuces, such as endive, escarole, mizuna, or Little Gems. To move this in a slightly different, though still excellent, direction, cut romaine lengthwise in half or quarters depending on diameter, oil lightly, and grill over a hot fire just enough to char and barely wilt some outside leaves. Chop the lettuce crosswise, then proceed from the start of the recipe, subbing the grilled romaine for the arugula.

Serves: 4

Source: Chef Andrew E Cohen




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