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Salad Mix in FieldThe mild weather made our more limited winter deliveries almost easy for us this year, with relatively few days of harvesting in heavy rain and muck, but it looks like winter storms are blowing in this week in force, just in time for our first spring harvests!

The first spring boxes will look a lot like the winter boxes, with the new spring items trickling in bit by bit. So far we are in good shape for the spring harvests. The baby greens for the braising mix are ready right on time for this week’s box and the baby salad mix will be ready either next week or the week after. The carrots that we planted in the fall are coming in strong. We’re continuing to harvest our field of leeks and have green garlic almost ready as well. The winter squash we stored through the winter is good and sweet now, we’ve still got some nice potatoes, and we have a crop of beets and cabbage ready to go. The strawberry plants are looking great, though they are a few weeks behind schedule–this is true for all the berry fields around us too, probably due to the lack of rainfall. We expect to start picking strawberries in April sometime. The blueberry plants look super and with another year of growth on them we should have a lot bigger blueberry harvest this year when they come in (late spring/early summer). Fava beans, turnips, radishes, lettuces, cauliflower, spinach, kale, chard, and other greens are all coming along, as well. We’ll bring in a few goodies from other local farms too this spring.

If you are signed up to get a box this week, you can check on your subscription and pick-up site directions on line. Your e-mail address is your username and if you forgot your password you can have it e-mailed to you.  Please note that the end times for the pick-up sites are correct, but we will adjust the start times after we’ve done the route a couple times. For this week, we should have the boxes to all sites by 3:00. Please bear with us as we are training a new driver (welcome Dustin!) and it looks like we will have poor weather for the delivery days. Sarah will be available for any questions or problems you encounter at (831)254-4918 or csa@highgroundorganics.com.


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